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Sponsorship- What Is It, And How Do I Get One?

Yes, we’re used to seeing product placement in film and seeing big name recording artists in big name commercials.  We’re used to seeing big corporations associated with big stars in entertainment and sports but that’s all BIG…big stars with big followings.  What if you’re small with a modest following?  Does that mean there’s no sponsorship hope for you or your band?  Not at all, it’s just going to be… well…smaller.   Read the rest of this entry

House Concerts…A New Kind Of Tour

Well, ok, it’s not a totally new concept.  I went to one a long time ago in South Jersey when I was up for a family visit…it was ok.  I wasn’t crazy about the music (it was poorly done abstract electronic) …and there wasn’t enough seating (which made me even less crazy about the music) but it was an interesting idea to have a small concert in a house.  No one was smoking.  There were no sloppy drunk people.  Everyone was listening intently to the music.  It was kind of nice.  It was, however, not nice enough for me to remember that such a thing existed.  I had totally forgotten about house concerts until just recently when I was doing some other research.   Read the rest of this entry