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Cool Things To Give To Your Fans…What’s Your Idea?

One of my recent posts talked about fundraising, your fans and the fact that you can offer cool things to them in exchange for monetary donations.  That’s pretty much where it stopped…so, I’m picking up here with a list of swag and experiences that you can offer to your fans.  Read the rest of this entry

Fundraising For Your Record…Get Your Fans Involved!

Individual artists have always had it hard no matter what the medium.  Finding grant money for individual creative projects is super difficult if not impossible and highly, highly competitive.  This money has become even more scarce in recent years due to major funding cuts across the nation.  If the funders don’t get funded…well, then everyone’s screwed.  In the midst of all this funding shortage something new and interesting started to happen in the land of fundraising…it’s called crowd funding.   Read the rest of this entry