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Jim O’ And The Sporadic Fanatics

Jim O' and the Sporadic Fanatics

Who’s that, you say?

Well, there’s Jim O’Donell, Chris Owen, Mark LaMaire and Josh Wexler…together they are Jim O’ and the Sporadic Fanaticsa great band here in NOLA.  They’re fairly new…that is, they’ve been around for about three or four years, playing gigs and making original music.  I can best describe it as demented 50’s surfer music and it’s SO much fun…

…and they need your help.

They started a campaign on Kickstarter to help get their first full-length CD made…there’s 16 days left and I want y’all to spread the word and, if you can, contribute.  They have some pretty cool perks and like I said, the music is fantastic and fun.

Check out the music on their My Space page, then check out their Kickstarter page…then share it with all your friends and neighbors!  Let’s get this puppy funded!

In the spirit of full disclosure…Jim is a friend of mine (but I really DO love the music) and he DID NOT ask me to write this post…but he did seem very happy when I made the suggestion.  Just spreading the love, you dig?

Threadhead Records Announces New Grant Cycle

Threadhead Records logo

Not your mama's record company!

The Threadhead Records Foundation has just announced it’s 2011 grant cycle!  Grants are available for music, documentaries, books and performances.  So, you don’t have to be a musician to apply…imagine that…a record company foundation that funds more than just records.  Yep, that’s what New Orleans is all about!

Applications close October 10, 2011…Grants will be announced November 14, 2011




For more information about applying for a grant from the Foundation:

email Tanya Younger,

call Amy Potter at (208) 270-1729

visit the Threadhead Foundation Grants page.

Sponsorship- What Is It, And How Do I Get One?

Yes, we’re used to seeing product placement in film and seeing big name recording artists in big name commercials.  We’re used to seeing big corporations associated with big stars in entertainment and sports but that’s all BIG…big stars with big followings.  What if you’re small with a modest following?  Does that mean there’s no sponsorship hope for you or your band?  Not at all, it’s just going to be… well…smaller.   Read the rest of this entry