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The MaineStreet Band

Debut album, "Dime A Dozen"

Debut album, “Dime A Dozen”

Yes, I will admit…the bass player is a friend of mine.  That’s not the only reason I’m telling y’all about them, though.  The album is a nice listen and I can actually picture some of the stuff in the soundtrack of a movie (maybe even one of those tween/teen shows on the CW?).  Anyway, MaineStreet is a band of hardworking boys who want to entertain you with their music.  So, check them out below.  Unfortunately, they didn’t use Bandcamp, so I couldn’t just put a player right here…but the links are for Soundcloud and CD Baby…oh yeah, and their website.

Enjoy! I did.


The MaineStreet Band (Soundcloud)

The MaineStreet Band (CD Baby)

The MaineStreet Band Website


Slither Slice- Favorite Song Of The Week

Ooops, this was supposed to go up on Wednesday…sorry ’bout that.
So, here it is…Slither Slice from the album of the same name by the New Orleans Nightcrawlers.  They’re a brass band, but this cut is like funky 70s soundtrack music.

Yes. Indeed…my very favorite of the week.

Pounder- Favorite Song Of The Week

I’m playing favorites this week…no, literally…the guitar player is an old classmate of mine.  Anyway, it’s from the very newly released Hate the Baby by Testaverde.

They say it’s hypersonic pop…I say it’s very fast, good old fashioned punk.  Either way it’s fun to listen to…check out the last track, too it’s like having your own personal action sequence.


Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving!