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Tipitina’s Foundation…Online Auction Fundraiser!


The Tipitina’s Foundation is having a fundraiser especially for
the Music Office Co-Op!

It’s an online auction on Bidding For Good that runs from August 19, 2011 (yep, y’all…it already started) to September 1, 2011.  Spread the word to all your friends and neighbors.  There’s all kinds of cool stuff to bid on…signed posters, cool vacations…memorabilia…you just need to check it out, you dig?


Ok, to recap:

What?  Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op ONLINE AUCTION

Where?   Bidding For Good

When?  It BEGAN August 19, 2011 and ENDS September 1, 2011

Take a chance…bid on something!  You might get something really cool PLUS you’ll be helping a really great program.  Did I mention I did the internship for my degree there…and that I still volunteer when I can?  Yep, I have a special love for the Co-Op…spread the love y’all!

To learn more about the Tipitina’s Foundation and its programs, visit

Sponsorship- What Is It, And How Do I Get One?

Yes, we’re used to seeing product placement in film and seeing big name recording artists in big name commercials.  We’re used to seeing big corporations associated with big stars in entertainment and sports but that’s all BIG…big stars with big followings.  What if you’re small with a modest following?  Does that mean there’s no sponsorship hope for you or your band?  Not at all, it’s just going to be… well…smaller.   Read the rest of this entry

Cool Things To Give To Your Fans…What’s Your Idea?

One of my recent posts talked about fundraising, your fans and the fact that you can offer cool things to them in exchange for monetary donations.  That’s pretty much where it stopped…so, I’m picking up here with a list of swag and experiences that you can offer to your fans.  Read the rest of this entry