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Fun Fact #4

Responding to Music Supervisors

When a music supervisor/director sends out a request for music, that means they are ready to license for their film project.  This also means that they are looking for specific music, which they will describe in detail and may even give you famous band examples to give you an even better idea of what they need.

SO, if you get a request like this…make sure you:

1) READ the request carefully.

2) FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  Send music only if it actually fits their specific criteria.

3) FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, AGAIN.  If your music does fit the criteria, make sure you understand how it is supposed to be sent.  Each music supervisor/director has their favorite way to receive music…some like streaming links, some like third party file services and some still like hard copies.  Do what they want…don’t email an mp3 unless that’s what they’ve asked for.

Remember, if you send only stuff they actually need/can use, they’ll be more likely to send requests to you in the future because they know you won’t waste their time.

Fun Fact # 3

Cover Songs

If you’ve ever been in a cover band, you know how much fun it can be to play songs by your favorite bands.  Heck, that might have been how you learned to play your instrument in the first place.  If you’re making a CD that has one or more cover songs on it there are a couple things you need to remember:

1.  Make sure you clear the rights to those cover songs BEFORE you make and/or distribute any copies of the CD.  Actually, most CD manufacturers will require you to provide proof that you have obtained the proper mechanical license(s).  The easiest way to do this is through Limelight.  Do it! Don’t get caught with your pants down.

2.  If you’re going to record a cover, don’t just copy someone else’s version verbatim.  Make the song your own…make a new arrangement…do something different.  This is especially important if you want to place your music in film/TV.  Music supervisors and directors really like using new interpretations of popular songs.   So, remember, don’t be a copy cat when you make your CD.  If people want to hear Led Zeppelin’s version of anything… they’ll buy Zeppelin…not you.

Good luck and have fun making music!

Fun Fact #2

Did You Know?

When you record your original songs you should be sure to have not only the finished “CD” version but all other configurations (instrumental only, vocal only…and anything else you can think of) at the ready in the event you’re able to license the song for use in a film or advertisement.  Sometimes the “full” version of a song isn’t appropriate for the situation…even if the director and music supervisor really dig the song and want to use it.  If you have it available in multiple configurations, you increase the possibility that it can be used in the way they need.

Here’s an example…you know the theme song for the show Chuck?  It’s called Short Skirt/Long Jacket by the band Cake…and it actually has lyrics…beyond the “na, na, na, na, na…na” you hear during the opening credits of the show.  See, the full version wasn’t appropriate, but they wanted THAT song…and the band had it ready with no lead vocals…SO, it got used and they made some money.