Music Business


Sponsorship- What Is It, And How Do I Get One? 

You Have To Spend Money To Make Money…Is It Really True? 

Songwriters and Publishers Get Royalties…What About Performers? 

House Concerts…A New Kind Of Tour 

You Didn’t Miss Sync Up…Even If You Missed It.  What The What? 

Licensing Music To Visual Media… Who?  Where?  What Was The Question Again?

How Does Your Music Festival Grow?

Records, To Sell Or Not To Sell…That Is The Question?

Who The Heck Is Mystikal?

Airplay for Indies…Of Many Genres

Indie Musicians and Bands…Don’t Miss Sync Up 2011!

Google Apps- What’s It Good For?

Distribute Your Music Online…Something New!

Free Options For Your Website…Yes, I Said “FREE”

Managing The Mailing List…All BY Yourself…Sort Of

Smoke Free…What A Relief!

Tipitina’s- It’s More Than Just A Music Venue

Manufacturing The CD-  Where The Heck Do I Start?

One Time…At Band Camp…

Recording The CD-  Where The Heck Do I Start?

Sell Your Music Online…Migraine Free…No, Really

Get Your Music Out There, Ya Heard?

You Tube Musicians Wanted

Registration Open For Sync Up Conference

December Is National Write A Business Plan Month!

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