Vibe Deck (beta)… Something New

Mark Fowler brought this one to my attention recently…so I checked it out. 

Vibe Deck (beta) is an online service that allows you to sell your music downloads direct to your fans through your own website, Facebook, You Tube, Sound Cloud and on Vibe Deck itself.  As the “beta” implies… it’s super new, in the final stages of development (kind of like the “human testing” phase) and there may be changes once it actually is finalized.  Their main selling point right now is that it’s free for you to use AND…you keep 100% of what you sell.  They want to keep that last feature even after they are out of beta, so it’s possible that you might have to pay for a subscription when that happens…but who the heck knows?  They are still trying to figure all that out.

For the time being it’s completely free and it’s one more way to get your music out there and increase your revenue stream.  Participating in the beta phase will also help the developers make the service as useful and bug-free as possible.  It’s worth a look, at least, to see if it might be right for you and/or your band.

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  1. Hey – nice post – thank you for sharing this with us. Already bookmarked you so I will visit your site more often- thanks. Take care!

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