Sponsorship- What Is It, And How Do I Get One?

Yes, we’re used to seeing product placement in film and seeing big name recording artists in big name commercials.  We’re used to seeing big corporations associated with big stars in entertainment and sports but that’s all BIG…big stars with big followings.  What if you’re small with a modest following?  Does that mean there’s no sponsorship hope for you or your band?  Not at all, it’s just going to be… well…smaller.  

What exactly is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial agreement between a business and an individual or group.  The individual or group will usually provide promotion/advertising for  the business (a logo placement, for instance) in return for monetary or in-kind support.   In the case of bands and musicians, a local band might have a banner with one or more logos on it that they display at every gig.  The business whose name/logo is on the banner  might either be giving money or gear.  The band may also do special promotional activities at the gigs as part of the sponsorship.

How do I go about getting one…or two?

If you’re a super big name artist, you can probably pay someone to find you a sponsorship and negotiate a deal with a big corporation…for everyone else, you gotta do it yourself.  There are a lot of articles and blog posts out there on the subject of sponsorship.  When it comes to how to find and get one there are a couple points they all agree on:

Know your audience.  Determine age, gender, location…and if possible where they shop, how they buy music and answers to any other questions you can think of.  Use this info to make sure that your audience is the same as any potential sponsor’s target audience.

Know the benefits.  Make sure you can outline how exposure to your audience will be beneficial to any potential sponsor.  In other words, tell them what you’re gonna do for them…with details, details…and did I mention details?  Include info such as how many people will be exposed to advertising in the weeks leading up to the gig (Facebook invite stats, number of people expected to come through the venue, attendance numbers from other gigs you’ve done in the same area…etc…etc).

Note the emphasis on being beneficial to the sponsor.  Focusing on what you’re going to do for them is always the best way to go.  Pick a local business that seems like a good fit.  Write up a proposal that covers all the specifics in a clear and concise manner.  Then, ask.  The worst that will happen is they will say “no”.  Not the end of the world…just find another business to ask and try again.

For even more details about how to go about finding and getting a sponsorship for your band check out this article at The Music Think Tank.

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  1. Great info about sponsorship. Thanks for the post.

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