Cool Things To Give To Your Fans…What’s Your Idea?

One of my recent posts talked about fundraising, your fans and the fact that you can offer cool things to them in exchange for monetary donations.  That’s pretty much where it stopped…so, I’m picking up here with a list of swag and experiences that you can offer to your fans.  It’s totally up to you how big of a donation you require for each thing, but it’s pretty common sensical to offer bigger stuff/experiences for bigger donations.  At any rate, here are my ideas…in no particular order.

Free copy of the new CD when it’s done…autographed

Autographed photo of you or your band

Unreleased music

Demo or alternate versions of songs (see, this is why you should record everything)

Free T-shirt or other merchandise…or a merchandise package

Free house concert

Hang at the recording studio while we record

Get Producer credit on the record

Hang backstage with the band (you know, if you’re playing a place with a backstage, that is)

Have dinner with the band (or breakfast, lunch…brunch)

Free tickets to concerts

Well, that’s all I got…but it’s a start.  Can y’all think of any others?  I’m sure there are a bunch I just didn’t come up with…so, leave a comment and give us your idea for more cool stuff and experiences to give your fans.

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  1. I like the idea of having it autographed. It makes them look super important and nice for taking the time out AND it could be worth money. Hope no one tries to forge checks with it though.

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