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Fundraising For Your Record…Get Your Fans Involved!

Individual artists have always had it hard no matter what the medium.  Finding grant money for individual creative projects is super difficult if not impossible and highly, highly competitive.  This money has become even more scarce in recent years due to major funding cuts across the nation.  If the funders don’t get funded…well, then everyone’s screwed.  In the midst of all this funding shortage something new and interesting started to happen in the land of fundraising…it’s called crowd funding.   Read the rest of this entry


Songwriters and Publishers Get Royalties…What About Performers?

Oops!  I made a slight mistake.  In paragraph 2, the new performance royalties include satellite radio, cable TV radio stations AND certain types of internet broadcasts.  Sorry about the missing info…by all means, continue reading. 🙂

Performance royalties for sound recordings…this is a fairly new concept here in the United States, even though this type of royalty has been in place in Europe just as long as standard performance royalties (the ones collected in the U.S. by standard performing rights organizations or PROs such as ASCAP and BMI).  Yeah, we can be a little slow sometimes.  In 1995, the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act (DPRA) was passed and we started to catch up a little.   Read the rest of this entry

House Concerts…A New Kind Of Tour

Well, ok, it’s not a totally new concept.  I went to one a long time ago in South Jersey when I was up for a family visit…it was ok.  I wasn’t crazy about the music (it was poorly done abstract electronic) …and there wasn’t enough seating (which made me even less crazy about the music) but it was an interesting idea to have a small concert in a house.  No one was smoking.  There were no sloppy drunk people.  Everyone was listening intently to the music.  It was kind of nice.  It was, however, not nice enough for me to remember that such a thing existed.  I had totally forgotten about house concerts until just recently when I was doing some other research.   Read the rest of this entry