Airplay for Indies…Of Many Genres

The short  list I’ve included here came from my copy of the Indie Bible, a great annual resource for independent musicians and bands.  I double checked the list, since my copy is a little old, just to make sure all the info is still correct and that they still accept submissions and will play independently produced music.  I’ve included as much specific information as possible.  Some radio stations will accept electronic submissions but most still prefer hard copies, so if I’ve listed a snail mail address, you need to mail a CD.  In general, try not to send too much crap along with your CD (usually the CD, band bio and picture are enough) and always put your contact info on EVERYTHING that you send.

Here is the short list of college radio stations in Louisiana that play a variety of genres. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be from LA to send your music to them, but it helps if you’ll be playing in the area the station covers at some point:

KLPI -Louisiana Tech 

Mail submissions to:
Attn: Music Director
P.O. Box 8638
Ruston, LA 71272

KSCL -Centenary College

email digital submissions to:,
or mail hardcopies to:
Attention: Zakk
2911 Centenary Blvd.
Shreveport, LA 71104.

KSLU -Southern Louisiana University

Mail submissions to:
SLU 10783
Hammond, LA  70402

KXUL  -University of Louisiana

Mail submissions to:
91X / KXUL
Attn: Music Director
130 Stubbs Hall
401 Bayou Drive
Monroe, LA 71209

WTUL -Tulane University

To submit music, send it to the mailing address below.
(If Local/Louisiana band add ATTN: Local Music Director)

WTUL New Orleans 91.5fm
Tulane University
Box 5069
New Orleans, LA 70118

Be aware that just because you send them a CD, they have absolutely NO obligation to play it.  So, don’t send eleventy million emails to them  and NEVER send an angry letter or email because they didn’t choose to add you to the playlist.  That’s a really good way to never, ever get airplay from them.  If you do get added to the playlist, they most likely will not notify you.  So, it’s your responsibility to keep track of the station playlist, which they will usually have online, and if/when you see your song(s) be sure to send a little “thank you” note to the Music Director.

If you live in a different state, there may be even more options for you (not just college radio), so check out the newest edition you can of the Indie Bible from your local public library (or buy the latest one online…you could split the cost with the band) and see what’s listed.  You’re going to need to check out websites and verify contact info anyway, so even if the edition is a few years old (like mine) it should still have a bunch of information and listings that are still good.  Good Luck!


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