Distribute Your Music Online…Something New!

Well, it’s new to me anyway.  This is not the post I had planned, but when I popped across this little gem yesterday…I just had to tell y’all about it.  You know I love Grooveshark because they work directly with independent musicians.  What I didn’t know is that they have a bunch of partners (including Bandcamp, which I also love) for selling and distributing your music online as well.

The newest thing I have discovered is a service called Route Note.  In short, it works like CD Baby, but digital only…no hardcopies…and IT’S FREE.  You can make an account with them and for a precentage of sales, they will distribute your music to places like iTunes and Amazon mp3.  Unless you opt for their premium service, which charges a subscription fee, you don’t have to put out any money at all.  I haven’t had time to sign myself up yet, but I will and report back to y’all about it.  You must have a PayPal account but setting that up isn’t a big deal, and if you’ve already got one then you’re set.

I’m always very excited to find a good freebie…for me and you.  These guys are based in the U.K….leave it to the English to come up with something so practical.  Anyway, check it out and see if it’s something you could use.


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