Free Options For Your Website…Yes, I Said “FREE”

It’s true…you know how I love a good freebie.  How do you think I do this lovely, informative, entertaining web/blog/site?  Obviously, I use WordPress…it’s in the web address, not exactly a secret…but yes, it’s free.  WordPress is my very favorite, but to be fair and balanced, I have to also tell you about a bunch of other free options for building your website.  Now, I know that back in the day “free” was code for “crappy”…but that isn’t the case anymore.  Better design, better advertising and the whole open source thing has made today’s free website options quite appealing, especially to people who are HTML challenged (like me!).  It’s more important than ever to have a presence on the web, but figuring it out doesn’t have to be completely intimidating.  Most all of the platforms out there offer many of the same types of tools.  So, I’ll talk about them in general, then give you a list of links to check out.

The beautiful thing about ANY of these options is that you don’t have to know HTML.  They all have easy to use interfaces and templates that let you create and drag and drop stuff onto the page like a pro.  If you know how to use Word, Wordperfect or any other word processing program, you too can build a great looking site that’s easy for fans/customers to navigate.  They will usually assign a web address to you that’s kind of like mine…http://yoursitename.whatever…BUT, if you purchase a specific domain name you can have that domain point to your free site.  This option is usually NOT FREE, but is usually not a big fee and is annual instead of monthly…so it can be totally affordable.  Most also offer a paid version or two that will allow you to have an ad-free site and access to more features and tools than the free option.

Don’t be afraid of the blogging sites, either.  Back in the day, these sites were for straight blogging (text, text, and more text…maybe a link…maybe a photo…more text), but that has changed.  Many of the blogging sites now let you blog and add other, static pages, so you can basically use a blog platform to build an entire website.  Be aware, storage is limited with the free options so you have to be less generous with file sizes for photos…etc.  Some of these sites also let you have multiple users, so more than one person can post on the same blog site.  If you’re using it for your band it means that each member can write and post on it to make that super important connection with the fans.  Whatever service/platform you choose to use, they all make it really easy to publicize and share your posts and/or updates on almost all of the popular social networking sites as well as embed video from Youtube.

Ok, so here’s a short list of free website and blog platform sites for you to check out:,,,,, and

AND…check out this article on for an even bigger list of free site platforms…more than you could ever need at one time.




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