Tipitina’s- It’s More Than Just A Music Venue

What do I mean?  There’s more going on than just musical performance.  You see, Tipitina’s, the club also has a charitable arm…Tipitina’s Foundation.  The Foundation has a bunch of programs and projects that benefit music ed programs and young musicians as well as older, working professionals.  One of the most underrated and underused programs of the Tip’s Foundation is the Music Office Co-Op.  The Co-Op has grown to include four other locations around the state of Louisiana as well as the “original” New Orleans Co-Op, but I still encounter musicians who have never heard of it.  Membership dues are $15 per month ($10 per month if you pay online) and you get a lot of tools and resources for that price.

To be more accurate, the Co-Op isn’t just for musicians, it’s for all digital media professionals (music, film, photo…etc).  All Co-Op locations have a recording space, computers with high speed internet access, access to a copier and fax machine and much more.  To see a complete list of tools and locations check out the Tipitina’s Foundation website.  They also have workshops and volunteers who can help you learn to use the computers and software more effectively and a boat load of networking opportunities.  So, all y’all in Louisiana go ahead and check out the Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op and see if there’s a location near you.


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