Sell Your Music Online…Migraine Free…No, Really.

I feel your pain.  I don’t speak HTML…at all.  I got pretty good at copying and pasting code into it, but I don’t understand how to build a website with it.  It would probably take me quite a while to learn it, too, so the thought of having to hire someone to build something into my website so that I could sell my music online…well, eeeek!  Yes, you can sell your stuff on MySpace Music and Amazon Music and iTunes, but what if you want to give it away? Or let people pick their price?  Those guys don’t do anything like that, so you’d be stuck trying to do it directly from your band website, right?

Maybe a few years ago you would, but not anymore.  Check out for a well supported way to make your stuff available in just about any format anyone could ever want…that includes hard copies, too.  The best part, it’s free…yes, I said “free”.  It gives you more control over how to make your musical content available and what, if anything, to charge for it.  It also gives you the freedom to relax because you won’t have to deal with code or programming or anything like that.  They handle all of the confusing computer related stuff and make sure that people can listen and download without a problem.

So, check it out at  It looks like a pretty good setup, and I’m always on the lookout for services that are free as well as good.  After all, we have to get the most bang for our buck in this economy.  Happy selling, y’all!


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