Get Your Music Out There, Ya Heard?

Yes, you’re playing gigs and you’re selling your CDs at the show.  You might even have a MySpace Music page and/or a band thing on Facebook…maybe even your very own website.  If that’s all you’re doing…you’re still missing out on a lot of online self promotion.

First, I have to mention CD Baby.  It used to be just an online place to sell hard copies of your CD, but today it’s so much more.  Yes, you still have to send them 5 copies of your CD, and no it isn’t free (they charge a per album or per single fee)…but you get a whole lot of online distribution for that fee.  When you use CD Baby, they will put your stuff up on other sites like iTunes, Rhapsody and many others including Spotify, which is a little like Pandora, kind of.  My point is that yes, they (CD Baby) still sell the hard copies, but they also allow you to sell electronically in many other places.

Now I must also mention my very favorite online music listening system, Grooveshark.  I love it because it’s super easy to use, you look up a song/album/band title click on the song and you can listen to it…as many times as you want…for free.  The reason I mention it isn’t just because it’s a cool player, but because they allow original bands who own their content to upload their stuff and track it.  Instead of putting clips up on your website, you can put the whole kit and caboodle on Grooveshark artists and put a link to it from your site for your fans to listen to.  You can track how many times individual songs are streamed and link fans to places to buy the download if they want.  Just about all the online radio/streaming services have pairing functions (“if you liked that…then you might also like this”) so that listeners who’ve never heard of you before will be pointed in your direction when they listen to a band that’s kind of similar to you.  The more people listen to the stuff that’s pointed at…the more the stuff gets pointed at…and so on…and so on…etc…etc.

These are just a couple of suggestions for you to try.  The more you get your stuff out there, the better.  The more people hear it, the more they will want it for their very own…and that means you can make a better living doing what you love.


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