Protect Your Hearing, For Crying Out Loud

Plugs made just for can barely see them...and you'll hear so much better.

Did you know that inside of every Sears department store is a hearing center?  I didn’t know it, either, but it’s true.  They employ licensed audiologists to help people get a handle on their hearing.  Yes, they do hearing aids, but they also do preventive care…I’m talkin’ Musicians Earplugs, people!  The beautiful thing about the Sears Hearing Centers is that it’s always free to have your hearing checked.  They also have a super cool video otoscope (the otoscope is the thing the doctor uses to see inside your ear) so you’ll get to look at the inside of your own ear.

Getting a quality set of earplugs is essential for musicians.  Good earplugs don’t muffle sound (like foam earplugs) they simply reduce the volume.  All the sound is still clear, just quieter, so your ears don’t get damaged.  The prices vary from $120-$200 depending on where you get them, but it’s a really important investment that could save your hearing.  Each set of plugs comes with three different filter buttons, which allows you to adjust the noise reduction to the situation AND the plugs are custom molded to your ears so you get a perfect fit and better acoustics.

If you live in Southeast Louisiana, you can go to All American Hearing to get a list of all the Sears Hearing Centers in the area.  If you don’t live here, check out the Sears website and find a center near you (you can search by zip code).  Remember, the hearing test is FREE.  I thought my hearing was a lot worse, but I’m still in the “normal” range.  Don’t let fear keep you from taking control of your hearing…go get it checked, especially if you’re a working musician.

To learn more about the Musicians Earplugs themselves, check out Etymotic Research, Inc. They have a great brochure and more info about how the earplugs actually work.


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